Artist Statement

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Steve Farrell brings a “let’s try it” and “why not?” attitude to his creative process. The result is modern, saturated, and free-flowing paintings that are reflections of Mother Nature’s palette. Steve’s use of intense color and iridescent and duochrome pigments, combined with the changing light, creates a multi-faceted play of movement for the viewer’s eye.

“I provide the opportunity for the paper, pigment and water to meet and mix. I direct the composition by saturating the paper and applying the pigment, but ultimately, I let the water do the work. My goal is to blend color through extensive glazing patterns to create a passionate display of motion.”

Inspired by the beauty, light and textures of the American Southwest and Mexico, Steve also credits his twenty-five years of watercolor instruction, interest and growth to Ina May Moore. Additionally, he notes his early exposure to David Barba, who set the stage for his love of size, scale and intense colors.

Steve’s interests outside the studio include distance running, hiking, and enjoying a margarita while overlooking the cliffs of Puerto Vallarta or the foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains in southeastern Arizona. Occasionally, he is spotted selling commercial real estate in the Phoenix metropolitan area or hanging out in his modern desert home with his partner Kyle and his golden retriever Zasha.


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Steve Farrell